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Servers (sticky) written by twister, 2008-12-28 00:49 CET (0 comments)

ns server: /connect; password basher
crxssfire server: /connect; password noob
nb server: /connect; password 3v3cup
( ozl server: /connect; password rtcw )

Braundorf (sticky) written by twister, 2008-12-27 15:42 CET (0 comments)

Braundorf isn't included in the wolfpack, so for those who don't have it:

http://crmbs.co.uk/rtcw/maps/braundorf_b4.pk3 [crmbs.co.uk]
http://www.team-wolfenstein.de/downloads/rtcw/map/braundorf_b4.pk3 [team-wolfenstein.de]

Download and put the pk3 into your mainfolder.

3v3 Cup - Sunday 28.12.08 (sticky) written by twister, 2008-12-22 20:53 CET (0 comments)

Format: 3on3 on rtcw 1.0

Teams: Depending of number of signups

Maps: braundorf, base, beach, ice, frostbite

Start: Sunday 28.12.08 at 15:00


Maps played AB mode,
Both teams chose a map (higher seed first)
In case of decider elimination from mappool: higher seed eliminates first.

No hax (obviously)
Side allowed on every map

One representitive of every team has to be in #rtcw1.0 at 14:50 max.

Good Luck!
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